• David Tyrer

Zabaleta: Liverpool fans could cost the club the title

Well as opinions go, that's one of the strangest we've heard.

From one point of view you can kind of see where he's coming from, Anfield was a massive ball of nervous energy in recent weeks as the title looked more and more likely to come home again.

But if Wednesday night showed anything, it's that the Anfield crowd can literally be the extra man (or men!) when the team needs them and are actually the total opposite of the neutered, library-esque surroundings of the Etihad stadium.

Speaking after the mid-weeks fixtures, the former Man City full-back said: "When the team is not playing well, it seems the fans are a little bit tense.

"Some of the Liverpool fans have been waiting for that Premier League medal."

He continued: "Both times we won the league, we were behind the leaders at this point. Some players in the dressing room now have experience of that and that is going to be key.

"They can talk to the others, keep everyone focused and tell them their experiences."


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