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  • David Tyrer

Xavi tells us how Guardiola will really feel about being so far behind Liverpool

Most weeks this season when Man City's manager Guardiola has been asked about the club's current situation, he's either avoided the question or said his team won't give up.

As the weeks have passed though, and his team have fallen further behind, he's still not completely admitted defeat, although you can tell from his demeanour that he know it's an uphill task every time his team drops points.

Guardiola rarely loses his cool though, and he'll only ever be (mostly) complementary about his current domestic rivals.

But his former player from his Barcelona days - Xavi - has given his thoughts on what will really be going through his former manager's mind right now.

He said told the Mirror: "Pep is a born winner.

"It will hurt him that Manchester City are so far behind Liverpool in the league - and he won’t give up.

"He will be realistic though. The gap is a big one and at the moment it doesn’t look likely that they can make it three titles in a row.

"With that in mind, I think there’s a big chance Pep will prioritise the Champions League.

"They will be two big games coming up against Real Madrid - and maybe there will be a chance to rest players before these games that they wouldn’t have if they were in a title race."

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