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  • David Tyrer

Wondered why Klopp doesn't wear suits? The LFC boss explains all

So as you've all no doubt been wondering why Jurgen doesn't wear suits on the sidelines anymore, the man himself has explained exactly why that is.

Speaking to talkSport, he Liverpool boss said: "I have a suit for weddings, funerals and if someone tells me I have to wear a suit, otherwise this will never be my ideal. Take the James Milner gala, I wear a suit, sometimes a tuxedo.

"If everyone else wears one, I don't want to be the 'colour point' in a group. Where people think 'oh, he's not wearing a suit'.

"I have no reason for it. I don't feel comfortable in it. The tie, I cannot breathe properly. So I don't want to think about the game what I wear.

"I'm really happy that the kit man gives me something I can jump in and I got out. I'm just not made for that, that's it. I do wear suits from time to time. A football game was never part of it.

"When I started in the Champions League I did it because somebody told me it was 'duty', so that's why.

"In the first when I saw another manager standing next to me not wearing a suit I was done.

"I really don't like to think about other things other than football. I'm not the best person to have small talk around football games because I'm completely focused.

"If I stand in the dressing room and I have to do all the different things, that's not me, that's all.

"I don't want to look good on the sidelines, my team should look good, that's my main target."

So there you have it, our manager doesn't want to wear a suit on the touchline for perfectly understandable and normal reasons.

Unlike a number of modern managers, football is football for Klopp, it isn't a fashion show so a comfortable trackie is all the boss needs. A man after our own hearts, no doubt.

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