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  • David Tyrer

Wolves set 'asking price' for Traore... and it's quite high

Not a surprise, really, when you consider that he is likely to become Wolves' most valuable player in the next couple of seasons, but Traore's asking price is quite steep.

Liverpool have been repeatedly linked with the wide man in the past 18 months, with the player really hitting his stride this year, seeing those links go into overdrive.

It's fair to say that Traore will likely be in high demand over the transfer window, and until he either signs a new contract or signs for somebody else, those Liverpool rumours will continue apace.

But reports via the Sunday Times this morning that Wolves have placed... rather large valuation of £135 million on the winger may put those rumours to bed for a while, at least.

I really don't know about anybody else, but I honestly can't see us being prepared to fork out half of that valuation, never mind the whole amount of what Wolves are apparently wanting.

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