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  • David Tyrer

Will Klopp now allow Liverpool players to touch 'This Is Anfield' sign?

You may remember that one of the first things we heard about Jurgen Klopp upon his arrival back in October 2015 was how he wanted to reignite the connection with the fans.

The fans, he felt, were one of those 'intangibles' that is so popularly discussed in sport these days. If he could get the fans back to their best, the players would follow from that.

But to do so, it would require an upturn in performances, and belief that the team - and manager - was going in the right direction. To start that, he'd have to get the players believing in themselves again.

He talked a great deal upon his appointment about belief, about how the fans could, quite literally, be the twelfth man for a club like Liverpool and what we've seen since then is that he was absolutely spot on.

He also declared that, if we hadn't won a title within 4 years he'd go and manage a club in Switzerland instead. Luckily, he got there 6 months early. So we get to keep him.

One of the more enigmatic things he did though, was to tell the Liverpool players that they couldn't carry on touching the 'This Is Anfield' sign above the entrance to the hallowed turf of Anfield until they'd earned it.

Back in 2015, while at the Times, Tony Barrett (now LFC Club fan liaison) reported that Klopp had said: "I’ve told my players not to touch the This Is Anfield sign until they win something. It’s a sign of respect."

So since that day, as we're still led to believe, no Liverpool player has been allowed to touch the sign. At least not while Klopp's around!

It's been a lot of long, hard work. Players have come, players have gone. Many of those that we're here when Jurgen arrived have left but there are still a fair few that he has improved beyond recognition. Even the stalwarts, such as James Milner have come on a great deal.

So, one of the first things we thought after the win was: 'can they now touch the sign?'. Well according to Jordan Henderson, they now can.

After the Champions League final, he was asked and his response was: "Now we can, yes.

"I know what this team is like and I know they’ll want to keep going and want more.

"But it’s just about enjoying this moment together, with family, friends and the fans."

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