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  • David Tyrer

Wijnaldum holding off on LFC celebrations until after Nation's League

You'd have had to be living on the Moon to have missed the celebrations in Madrid, on the streets of Liverpool and in some part of every country and major city on Satuday night.

In fact, those celebrations carried on into Sunday, and on into the night for the Liverpool players after they picked up the biggest football prize of all at the weekend.

But for Gini, the celebrations have been put on hold temporarily. At least until the Nation's League games are over, that is.

The midfielder, a key stalwart for Ronald Koeman's Netherlands side, has refused alcohol since the weekend in a bid to be in perfect condition for his country.

He explained his reasons to AD, he said: "Alcohol is for the holidays, not now. The Nations League is just a great prize to win."

You can only admire his willpower, as most of the Reds team and fan-base are probably still suffering after the Champions League win.

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