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  • David Tyrer

Who was Liverpool's best ever striker? Souness & Carragher decide

Speaking on Sky Sports' Football Show, Liverpool legends Jamie Carragher and Graeme Souness have been discussing the club's greatest strikers today.

And when you consider the absolute phenomenons that have worn the Red shirt of LFC, there was plenty to go on.

Going back as far as Jack Parkinson, through Billy Liddell, right up to Mo Salah and Roberto Firmino today, there's no end of legendary strikers throughout our illustrious history.

But neither Souness or Carragher were in any doubt as to who the best of the best was: a certain Kenneth Dalglish.

Legendary player, manager, and unofficially the King of Liverpool, Kenny Dalglish is simply Liverpool. The city and club. Only Evertonians would disagree.

But discussing their decision, Carragher said: "Kenny (Dalglish) isn't just seen as a player but a figure at Liverpool for what he has done there. In terms of management and as an ambassador too, he's almost seen as the number one figure with Liverpool.

"There are lots of idols in terms of Steven Gerrard, but in terms of strikers, he's number one. There are more strikers who scored more goals than Kenny but it's what he did for the other team and what he did for other players.

"Winning that first European Cup in '77, I don't think it can get any better and then the year later he gets the winning goal and they went on to dominate European and British football for the next few years."

Having played in the same team as Dalglish for much of his Liverpool career, Souness is perhaps better placed than anyone, after seeing him score many of his 172 club goals first hand.

He added: "He saw a different picture to everyone else. In those days you were fighting to get hold of the ball and half the time, you don't have the time to get your head up.

"If I won the ball in the final third and I didn't have much time on the ball, I was just looking for his feet. I had one intention when I played with him, he would park himself up against the centre-halves and then they were in desperate trouble.

"The minute he could feel them with his touch and control, he could get shots off or dink it around the corner for someone else. One of his biggest assets was his bravery, he's not the biggest.

"He was up against some big men and in those days, they would get two goes at trying to sicken the centre-forward they were playing against before even getting a telling off from the referee.

"I maintain, and it's the same today, the bravest players are your strikers."

Some LFC fans may disagree, considering there are half a dozen of our former strikers better placed, goals wise, but in terms of an all-round attacker none better have turned out for the club throughout our history.




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