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  • David Tyrer

Who makes up Alisson's 'perfect' player?

So we're now into the off season and things are starting to slow down until the AFCON and Copa America starts, as you have no doubt noticed.

For BT Sport (via KingFut), they've taken to filling the football void with asking players interesting questions, such as giving Liverpool number one Alisson the task of naming his perfect player.

The Reds goalie went for Neymar for his technique, James Milner for his work rate and former Roma team mate Daniele De Rossi for his leadership quality. He went for Marcelo and Totti, for left foot and right foot.

Finally, he chose his former Roma and current Liverpool team mate Mo Salah for his acceleration. He said: "My choice for speed is Mo Salah. He is certainly a player who is fast both without the ball and with the ball.

"So it’s a player who makes the difference on the field in counter-attacks, especially in plays that need to open space on the opposing team."

It'd be quite some player that Alisson has put together there but we're not so sure he'd get into our team at the minute!

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