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  • David Tyrer

Warnock: Salah penalty was a '9.9 dive'

According to Neil Warnock Mo Salah is 'good player', but he's apparently a far better diver. One thing you can never expect from Warnock is for him to be magnanimous.

The future Championship manager has never fairly lost a game in his 30-something years of management, if you ask him, and today was no different.

Speaking to Sky Sports following the match, Warnock said: "We have done really well playing against a team without a weakness, they have top quality around the pitch.

"Overall I was pleased with the players, we played on the front foot and made it a good game - we are disappointed one or two things didn't go for us.

"I thought (Sean) Morrison was tugged by (Andrew) Robertson when having a clear header and then a silly penalty he didn't have to give.

"The last bit was a great 9.9 dive, wasn't it."

A silly penalty 'he didn't have to give', according to the Cardiff boss. But if Martin Atkinson wants to play the game by the rules, then he has to give a pretty blatant penalty.

So the Mo Salah diving agenda continues in this country. We'll really be amazed the next time Salah actually gets a penalty that isn't scrutinised for a month afterwards.

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