• David Tyrer

Warnock: Cardiff hoping to avoid battering by LFC

In around 48 hours we'll have some idea of whether Liverpool have returned to the summit of the Premier League, after playing Cardiff on Sunday evening.

By then, we'll also know whether Liverpool had actually even relinquished top spot, because depending on Man City's result tomorrow morning, the top 2 could look very different by this time Sunday night.

The Cardiff manager Neil Warnock, though, is quite keen for his team to avoid being on the receiving end of a hammering from the Reds.

Speaking to the press prior to the match on Sunday, Warnock said: "I'd hate to concede five like we have done.

"I don't like my teams losing concentration like that.

"But when you look at the quality some of these teams have, they could've scored more on the day.

"We've just got to try and give a good account of ourselves for the fans that are going because it's a sell-out - and it probably could've sold out twice more.

"It's going to be a great day. I don't want it to be a lovely occasion but we still get battered."

While Warnock may be wanting to avoid conceding 5 or more, there's many, many Liverpool fans who would love to see us score as many as that. But equally as many would rather win 1-nil and see Man City lose or draw.


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