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  • David Tyrer

Wagner: Klopp is already a Liverpool icon

It's a bold statement to make but it's one which, at the moment, many Liverpool fans would disagree with.

But Jurgen's best man, David Wagner, has declared that Jurgen Klopp is already a Liverpool legend and an icon for the club's fans.

Via the Liverpool Echo, the former Hudderfield boss told talkSPORT: "Yeah I think so and he absolutely deserves it.

"What he has done for the club in this period is amazing and it’s interesting what will be around the corner in the future for them.

"I think he showed last season that he’s able to compete with Pep Guardiola and fight with his team for the title, so hopefully he can do it this season as well. They have a great group together.

"I’ve known him long enough to know, he will do everything and work as hard as possible to try and win a trophy.

"Sometimes you need a bit of luck as well to win a trophy, but he absolutely deserves it.

"It was always a pleasure to spend time with him and I’ve spent a lot of time with him in the past.

"He’s a great character, a good guy and he is exactly like he is on TV when you are with him in private."

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