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  • David Tyrer

Van Dijk: This Bayern result was close to perfect

It was a poor first half, for both sides to be fair, but Liverpool got going - finally - after 5-10 minutes of the 2nd half and really put Bayern under pressure.

The players just appeared to find a gear that they'd struggled to move into in the 1st half and Bayern struggled to cope with the way we pressured and harried them in possession.

The press have been gushing over our return to European football's elite, with the result last night capping off a great season up to now and the Reds' 3rd captain on the night - Big Virg - reckons that the performance and result was close to perfect.

Speaking to, Van Dijk - when asked if the display was ideal - said: "Very close. I think to perform like we did, especially after our away results in the group stages, was very important.

"We knew how they would definitely set up and how they would probably come for us as well, and I think we did fantastic.

"[To celebrate with the fans] was unbelievable. They come everywhere we go and it’s always a great feeling to play for this club and I’m proud to wear this shirt."

The big number 4 has been given a lot of the credit for our defensive game improving this season, and result displays have seen him labelled the best in the world. On last night's showing, it's hard to disagree with them, as well!

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