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  • David Tyrer

Van Dijk on Sterling/Gomez saga: 'Everyone needs to move on'

Liverpool's own Virgil Van Dijk has said that it's time to move on from the Joe Gomez/Raheem Sterling drama that has plagued football since the weekend.

After they briefly went head to head toward the end of the win over Man City at the weekend, it wasn't until Monday morning that Sterling decided to ramp things up a bit.

By the time England actually played on Thursday night, we all could've been forgive for thinking that things were over before the England fans themselves decided to become the biggest idiots of the lot by booing Gomez before he entered the field against Montenegro.

But, while he's disappointed in Gomez's treatment by his national fans, the big Dutch defender has said it's time for everybody to move on.

Speaking via Sky Sports ahead of the Netherlands' match today, he said: "It's disappointing to see.

"I want to say as well it's been dealt with. I think everyone should stop talking about it because it's just a thing that happened. They all sorted it out.

"Everyone needs to move on, leave Joe especially alone. But yes, it was disappointing to see."

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