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  • David Tyrer

Van Dijk lifts lid on how Klopp is in the LFC dressing room

According to the Reds' - and world's - most expensive defender, Jurgen Klopp can be as passionate in the dressing room as he is on the side lines.

You wouldn't have thought, after having what many believe is a Player of the Year winning season, that Jurgen would have any problems with Van Dijk but apparently he has his hard moments with Virg too.

Speaking to the Premier League show, he said: "He is hard to me and he has also given me confidence when I've needed it.

"He knows there's definitely a lot of things that can improve still.

"He will not show anything else, he is who he is. He's just like how you are as a player, when things are going well you can be happy, and when things aren't going well you can be very angry.

"He is very passionate. He will tell you the truth at all times. He won't go beating about the bush. That's something I personally like a lot and most of our players like it as well.

"We have plenty of meetings throughout the whole season where he is definitely not happy about some things.

"That's a good sign. Even when we've only lost one (Premier League) game all season there have been some moments where we can do much better."

So despite having lost just once - to the current Champions - all season long, even Klopp can have his moments, just like us fans. But in striving for greatness, you can always improve and having a manage that is never happy is always a good start.

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