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  • David Tyrer

Van Dijk: LFC resilience down to hard work AND talent

Listen to Sky Sports or that favourite radio call in show that absolutely abhors Liverpool, and you'd be led to believe that we're scraping by and lucky to still be within touching distance of Man City at this stage of the season.

If you'd watched any of our games though, they paint a different picture. What you're seeing is hard work, quality and a group of players giving every to keep up with the most expensively assembled, and disgustingly talented, squad of players in English history.

By the time this season ends, Jurgen Klopp players could have finished 2nd, with the 3rd highest points total in English top division history. Behind Man City this season and last.

But so called 'experts' aren't having it, we've been lucky and rivals fans will tell you we're getting dodgy calls and being awarded tons of offside goals and penalties.

According to big Virg, we're in the position we currently are because we're a top side and work hard.

Speaking to, he said: "We have so much quality in the team, so much talent.

"But I think [it's down to] the hard work that we put in every day in training, during the whole game, the strikers that keep pressing, defending well, our midfielders that keep running and doing everything for the team and play well when we have the ball.

"Working hard for the team, working hard for each other, go the extra yard for your teammates, I think that's something that's very important.

"It has been shown already throughout the whole season."


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