• David Tyrer

Van Dijk and Robbo: We won't give up in Barca 2nd leg

It's good to hear at least, that the players are still feeling that there is still something to play for against Barcelona next week.

After dominating for large periods on Wednesday night, being on the end of a 3-nil defeat felt extra deflating, considering how much the players put into the game.

With the Premier League title seemingly slipping further and further away with each Man City win that they grind out, the Champions League seemed to be the most likely hope of a major trophy for this season.

But two of the players that will be absolutely key to our 2nd leg hopes, Virgil Van Dijk and Andy Robertson, have yet to give up on the tie and, indeed, our chances of making a final.

Speaking following the match, Van Dijk told Liverpoolfc.com: "We’re disappointed by the result on the scoresheet because I don’t think it says how the game was really.

"I thought we played well, we created big chances, should have scored at least one goal and obviously they could have scored in total four maybe.

"Obviously it’s 3-0 now and there’s a big job to do over at Anfield but we have shown throughout the season that we never give up so we have to just believe. We need everyone and we’ll see how it goes."

The big Dutchman, 3 days on from winning his first major personal honours in this country, didn't have the strongest of performances but we'll need him at his best for next Tuesday.

Likewise, Andy Robertson was left isolated often at the Nou Camp, with Joe Gomez not as capable as Trent of switching the play off the cuff, meaning we didn't stretch Barcelona enough on the night.

But he'll be a massive player when they turn up at Anfield next week and we look to overturn a 3-goal advantage in their favour.

Robertson said: "We’ve got no other options.

"We’ve got three, hopefully four, games left this season, and we need to give it everything, 100 per cent, in every single game because we know what’s at stake.

"We know both of them are out of our hands now but look, it’s Liverpool - we fight for everything and we believe.

"We need to go to Newcastle, get our legs ready first and foremost and they are in a great run of form, so we need to be at our best there and then we can worry about Barcelona. But our focus is now on Newcastle."

With Firmino - hopefully - back to his best at the weekend, he should be available to take his place, whilst Trent should also return at Anfield and we can give Barca our absolute most.


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