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  • David Tyrer

Valverde responds to stadium comments from Klopp

Comments from Jurgen Klopp over the weekend, about Barcelona's Nou Camp, were typically taken out of context by the press. As if you could rely on the British media to report on something in a non-controversial, normal way

So Barca manager, Ernesto Valverde, has replied to Klopp's comments today, in an attempt to defuse the situation.

During his pre-match press conference today, he said: "I also like to de-dramatise these kind of things.

"Camp Nou fans have been decisive in the past few weeks. We've had games with over 90,000 fans.

"We feel it, our rivals feel it and I hope they feel it tomorrow.

"Our fans will be pushing us in the same way as their fans will do at Anfield.

"With Jurgen's words, I think the idea was to take some of the drama out of the game. It's still a football pitch with two goals and 22 players trying to play."

No doubt about it, the Nou Camp is a truly special football stadium, home to a legendary side and scene of many great moments throughout European football's history.

But while the players will be prepared for what greets them when they walk down that tunnel tomorrow night, nothing will prepare Barca's players for Anfield's atmosphere next week.




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