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  • David Tyrer

UEFA refers Man City on to CFCB after FFP investigation findings

Many of the main sports news outlets online have been reporting in the last hour or so that the UEFA investigation into Man City's financial fair play violations has been referred on to the CFCB.

The CFCB are the Club Financial Control Body and their chief investigator has taken the decision to refer Man City on to the body's adjudicatory chamber.

Sky Sports reports that the panel investigating the club are expected to recommend a 1 season Champions League ban.

The UEFA statement accompanying the news refused to go into detail, simply stating that he referral had been made.

As expected, Man City's response was claimed absolutely no wrong-doing and instead claimed that the investigation was 'entirely false', saying that 'the CFCB IC referral ignores a comprehensive body of irrefutable evidence provided by Man City'.

This should get interesting..

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