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  • David Tyrer

Uğurcan Cakir signing for Liverpool, says former coach

Apparently, Turkish international goalie Uğurcan Cakir will sign for Liverpool this summer. At least that's the view of his former coach.

Sadi Tekelioglu the former coach of Cakir, who currently plays for Trabzonspor, says he was told by the player himself that's he's already agreed to join Liverpool.

But we've had a whole collection of players make such claims and the move has never come close to materialising.

The Turkish coach said (via the Liverpool Echo): "50 million Euros may be too much for us (Turkish clubs), but not for Europe.

"Uğurcan had a suitor last season. I gave Uğurcan an idea to go to the teams in England.

"Liverpool will transfer Uğurcan Çakır at the end of the season. Trabzonspor will not say no to Liverpool’s offer. I met with Uğurcan. He told me that Liverpool took care of him."

Now, that seriously is an interesting claim. But are we really going to be planning to suspend 50 million Euros (or about £46 million) on a back-up keeper? No, we are not.

Similarly, are we going to sell Alisson and bring the Turk in? No, we are not. You don't replace the best keeper in the world with a relatively unknown, capped only twice, 24 year old for that much money.

So very interesting words, from Tekelioglu, but it is simply a non-starter, as far as I'm concerned.

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