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  • David Tyrer

There's been criticism of Salah lately, but Big Virg isn't having it

It's been a bit of a struggle over the past few weeks for Mo, struggling for goals and looking a bit off his usual imperious form.

From some quarters, there has been sympathy, from others, over-the-top criticism. Whilst Liverpool fans are just keen to get their Salah back.

But Big Virg is having none of the criticism. As far as he's concerned, Mo is one of the best in the world and his form will return, very soon.

Speaking to, he said: "Mo is a world-class player.

"People can say all they want but I think all the teams in the Premier League would love to have him in their side. We have him and I think he is playing well.

"The goals will come. That’s something for a striker that is maybe going to be in your head but we tell him every time: you just need to keep working, keep going and you will be fine.

"He’s still scored plenty of goals for us, to be fair, so it’s not like two like me! It is like this."

He's already managed 20 this season, providing 29 goal involvements overall. A good 15 or so behind last season, but he's still well on course for an incredibly season, with 7 league games and at least 2 Champions League matches still remaining.

But rest assured: Salah is going nowhere. He is an incredible footballer, as Van Dijk says, he's one of the best in the world and he'll continue to show it over the next few seasons.




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