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  • David Tyrer

The media are actually buying into the Mbappe to Liverpool rumours

It's something that's been doing the rounds in the transfer realm for the past 12 months, going back to last season: Kylian Mbappe to Liverpool.

Most Liverpool fans appreciate that it's a bit of fun; it's farcical, never going to happen. Where would we find the sort of money he'd cost?

But on the other hand, while fans are taking a pragmatic approach, there's always that thought in the back of your mind of 'what if?'.

The player himself has done little to fuel the rumours of a move away from PSG, and it's actually been suggested to him about a move to Liverpool before, which he failed to confirm or deny.

His links to Nike, and Liverpool's seemingly inevitable association with Nike from next season, have only further fuelled those fires as well. With many seeing Nike's sway as crucial to any potential move.

What better for them than to bring together two of their biggest, most lucrative partners in a beautiful marriage? It's all nonsense though, of course.

Nevermind farcical or fanciful though, the British press have lapped the rumours up and have been looking into the transfer (i.e. copying and pasting from other sources) in more depth to see a) if it's even possible and b) how the Reds would afford it.

So the papers this morning and we have the likes of the Daily Express and the Mirror suggesting that Liverpool are interested in the player, albeit at a cost of £215 million, with the assumption that Mo Salah could leave for Real Madrid in the summer transfer window.

We'd like to think that most LFC fans would rather keep Mo Salah, but if he was to leave then you wouldn't turn your nose up at Mbappe as his replacement.

Then we have the Liverpool Echo, who've done a full feature on whether Liverpool could afford the French forward and how we'd go about financing the purchase (and his wages).

The Echo themselves have looked at the potential profit of a sale of the player in a few years, when he approaches his peak, would be quite an attractive prospect to our owners.

Whilst the 'hundreds of thousands of pounds' saved in wages from the sale/release of the likes of Daniel Sturridge, Danny Ings and Alberto Moreno would also cover a large portion of any wages.

It's all quite fun to think about, and it's always hilarious seeing the press realise that we're literally - once again - one of the biggest sporting clubs in the world and there is a very real chance that Kylian Mbappe could consider a move to Anfield in the near future.

And why wouldn't he? Which 20 year old player wouldn't want a move to the home of the European Champions!

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