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Suarez enjoyed playing at Liverpool more than Barcelona, says Jose Enrique

It's a rare thing to find a former Liverpool player that didn't absolutely love being at the club, often coming back for legend's games, or at least talking fondly about the club.

Even Jose Enrique himself still considers himself a Red, despite the criticism he often came in for from a large section of fans, many still thought of him fondly and he still feel that way about the fans and the club.

So it doesn't really come as much of a surprise to hear Enrique reveal that a certain Luis Suarez enjoyed playing at LFC more than he does at Barcelona.

Speaking to the Anfield Wrap, Enrique said: "What am I going to say to a player that wants to go to Liverpool?

"There is no better place to go. The situation at the club right now is unbelievable. There is no better place to go.

"Okay, everyone can talk about Real Madrid and Barcelona. Yeah maybe you can think about them because of the weather in Spain and the food.

"But in terms of how much you want to enjoy as a player, talking about being a player in Madrid or Barcelona or in Liverpool you cannot compare I believe."

Suarez, it was clear, was a pretty special player but it was only once the goals started flowing mid-way through his second season that fans truly started to appreciate his genius.

A total of 129 goals and assists in just 133 games puts him up there as one of the most prolific, and most gifted, players to ever pull on a Red shirt. And the fans never let him go more than a few minutes throughout a match without letting him know how they felt.

Until he left, in quite acrimonious circumstances, of course. But Jose reckons that Suarez would admit to preferring his time in front of the Anfield crowd that that of the Nou Camp.

He went on: "I believe if you ask for example, Suarez, yeah obviously in Barcelona he is playing with the best player in history, [Lionel] Messi, and winning things as well. But if you ask him about where he enjoyed more as a player playing and I am sorry it was in Anfield with Liverpool.

"You know why because I remember some games where they were singing his song for 60 minutes of the game. It was unbelievable.

"Then you go to Barcelona. I went to see him play against Juventus there a few years ago when Neymar was still on the team. I remember them singing "Messi, Messi" maybe twice in 90 minutes and you think wow in Liverpool they sing about Andy Robertson, Virgil van Dijk, Alisson, Jurgen Klopp."

Head over to the Anfield Wrap to listen to the full interview.


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