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  • David Tyrer

Steve Nicol finally talks sense and has a go at Rio Ferdinand

As a Liverpool fan, we all know it's a rare things when Steve Nicol speaks any sense. The man has become something of an anti-LFC mouthpiece for ESPN in recent years.

What he's had to say this week though is that the argument, seemingly championed by the likes of former Man Utd captain Rio Ferdinand, that the current Premier League season should be fully voided.

Liverpool are still sitting 25 points clear - one of the largest leads at the this stage of the season in European top-flight history.

But a number of talking heads believe that the outcome of the season is still up for argument and should be voided. Without the possibility of Liverpool being award a title the team so clearly deserves.

He told ESPN FC: "Why [void the season]? The way [Ferdinand] was talking, it was all about the safety of the players. "Well, the players aren’t training, they’re not together, the teams aren’t together. When they do start playing again and are together, then they’ll be no risk to the players. "There’s ten games to go. Listen, if we were only ten games in, I would have absolutely no problem with voiding the season. "But the fact that you’ve got ten games left, top-class teams playing Saturday, Wednesday, Saturday – so three games in a week. "It will take you between three and four weeks to play 10 games. What is the problem with that? "You’re going to void a whole season for the sake of three to four weeks? That makes no sense to me whatsoever."

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