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Spurs boss takes a bizarre swipe at Liverpool

It's not the first time lately, and you feel it won't be the last, but Tottenham Hotspur manager Mauricio Pochettino has taken another slightly odd swipe at Liverpool FC.

Speaking to ESPN, the Spurs manager moaned: "In the past couple of years, Liverpool have invested a lot of money.

"I need a washing machine, your wife asks you for a washing machine. Now I need a door, a light-bulb, a bed.

"But for us, due to a number of circumstances, we’ve tried to produce young players with great futures such as Harry Kane, Dele Alli, Eric Dier, Kieran Tripper or Harry Winks."

So apparently it's all unfair because Jurgen has been allowed to spend a fortune. A familiar argument, and one that Guardiola will no doubt push if Liverpool do eventually win the Premier League, but also completely false.

In reality, Liverpool's net spend has been only around £35-45 million more than Spurs since Klopp took over. Most comments from other fans, pundits and rival managers ignore that Liverpool had to - again - sell the club's most valuable asset last January.

When Philippe Coutinho left for £145 million, £75 million of that was immediately reinvested in Virgil Van Dijk. With another £40 going on Fabinho and barely £12 million on Xherdan Shaqiri from Stoke in the summer.

Add to that, the sales of Danny Ward and Dom Solanke alone brought in over £30 million. The fact is, Liverpool have simply reinvested and are operating within their means, also achieving a profit.

The 2nd point Pochettino makes is equally ridiculous, claiming that Spurs try to develop young players. Of those mentioned, only 2 began as Spurs player (and even then Karry Kane actually started at Arsenal): Harry Winks and Harry Kane.

Dele Alli was signed in January 2015 for £5.5 million and was immediately a first-team player. Likewise, Kierin Trippier was signed at the age of 25 for £3.5 million from Burnley after having already played close to 150 games for them.

Finally, Eric Dier was signed from Sporting in Portugal at the tender age of.. yes, 21.

He continued: "We are creating players. But in this case, Liverpool need a defender, they get Van Dijk. They need a goalkeeper, who’s the best? Alisson!

"It’s the same as Manchester City. In the end, it’s valid as Real Madrid and Barcelona do the same because they’re on a different level.

"At the moment, Tottenham haven’t reached that level, so when we can’t buy a washing machine, we get a dryer that can do the same job. Instead of a sofa, we get a chair where you can also sit."

Sounds a lot like a manager clutching for excuses really, doesn't it? The idea that Liverpool will have 'bought' the title if they win it is infuriating. Especially as the comparisons with Manchester City are nonsensical.

Pochettino has cherry-picked the 2 biggest signings we've made. In reality, we have an £8 million relegated left-back from Hull, a £3.5 million Charlton Athletic product partnering Van Dijk and a youth product of our own at right back.

Midfield contains a former England international free-transfer, a £16 million midfield signing from Sunderland from 2011 and Fabinho, a £35 million signing last summer.

Likewise, the front 3 all cost somewhere around £30 million each. Sure, we have more players than that but much of the squad is made up of players already here when Klopp arrived an a large number of U21/23 players have seen game time under Jurgen too.

It all just sounds like sour grapes from a manager looking at a fifth season without a trophy. It was only last season they were considered significantly stronger than Liverpool. Pretty lame stuff really.

The Spurs boss has had another whinge today

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