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  • David Tyrer

Southampton sarcastically warn LFC captain to not 'get any funny ideas, Jordan'

In a witty dig, primarily at Liverpool (who have taken to raiding Southampton repeatedly in recent years), Tweeted out a 'warning' to Jordan Henderson today.

The LFC club captain was seen enjoying a training session, where he and former Red Danny Ings were seemingly having a laugh, with Ings still a hugely popular figure at Anfield.

Despite not being able to cement a place in the squad, Ings was loved by players and fans alike, with most of us hoping to have kept him. But it would have been unfair to keep such a talented forward when he couldn't be guaranteed regular matches.

But upon seeing the pictures of the pair today, Southampton have chosen to send a tongue in cheek message to the Reds captain, in case he had any notions about 'tapping' Ings up.

Check it out below:

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