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  • David Tyrer

Souness: This Liverpool side isn't 'great' yet

Is Souness right, in that regard? In some ways, it's hard to argue. We haven't won the title yet. There's a long way to go, and most Reds haven't got the nerve to declare it won yet.

But they're already European and World Champions, which not many sides have ever do, never mind English teams.

A first league title in 30 years would make it almost impossible to declare Jurgen Klopp's boys one of the best teams ever though. Although, Souness may still disagree about that.

He said: "You can't say they're a great team until they win back to back leagues, a few European Cups, but I think they will get there.

"City have made it easy for them this year, because they haven't had the pressure.

"Liverpool are on fire, they feel they can win every game. They're playing with a freedom that many teams don't have."

As I've already said, you can't really argue with Souness. Although stating that you have to win back to back leagues is ridiculous. Nobody would argue that Arsenal's invincibles are a great side but they didn't win back to back titles.

Similarly, Man City's side three years ago was good, but wasn't great. They're team last season was one of the greatest we've ever seen though. That said, neither that Arsenal or Man City side came close to winning the Champions League.

But nobody around here will be claiming that the Reds are a great team until we've confirmed the league. And there is still far too long to go to say that it's won yet.

In the meantime, Liverpool fans will simply enjoy what we all already acknowledge as the best side in the Premier League era and one potentially the greatest English team we have ever had the pleasure to watch.

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