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  • David Tyrer

Souare on Keita: "Klopp has to pull himself together, let the doctors do their job."

So no sooner has Naby Keita been injured, then the Guinea FA are looking to quickly have him re-injured at the African Cup of Nations.

You'll remember - no doubt - that Naby was injured early on against Barca on Wednesday night and Klopp later reported that Keita would be out for 2 months and likely miss the ACON.

However, the country's FA president, Antonio Souare, was heard to criticise Klopp for his diagnosis on Football Factory Radio: "First we wish a very good and fast healing to Naby, as far as I know the adductors cannot prevent him from playing the African Cup of Nations 2019 that will be played from 22 June for Guinea.

"The adductors [injury] is two to three weeks of unavailability. The Liverpool coach has to pull himself together, let the doctors do their job.

"Naby Keita belongs to a state before belonging to Liverpool. I remind the Liverpool coach a little bit of the rules if he does not know it.

"So it's hasty and pretentious to make statements like this. What we do know is that Naby Keita will play at the African Cup of Nations 2019."

We'd warn Souare against being so hasty in claiming that and African player belongs to any state, pointing to the way that Egypt and Liverpool have worked in tandem to ensure that both get the best out of Mo Salah since he joined Liverpool a couple of summers back.

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