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  • David Tyrer

Sinclair: Liverpool fans partly to blame for Sterling/Gomez scrap

So according to a former Man City player, you know, from that time when they were a bit of a joke (i.e. before the oil money), LFC fans are partly to blame for Gomez and Sterling's scrap.

The former City wide player Trevor Sinclair believes that Liverpool fan's 'hatred' towards Sterling has 'added to' the bust-up and is the reason why Sterling was so hot under the collar.

Speaking to talkSPORT (via the Liverpool Echo), he said: "He moved to Manchester City because he wanted to win trophies and he’s won six major trophies since signing for them.

"Now, how can Liverpool fans be calling him out? He went there as a young player, he gave everything for the red shirt when he was there, and he was sold for a record fee. Why is there hatred towards him?

"This has definitely added fuel to the fire; I don’t think Raheem reacts in this way (towards Gomez) if the fans aren’t singing that. It’s a hatred that everyone could hear in the stadium and everyone could hear on the TV.

"I don’t know how this is not getting dealt with because I don’t feel one player should have that extreme abuse against him.

"We all know Raheem Sterling – he’s a diamond of a player, he’s an inspiration to millions and let’s get it right, if England had a few more players like Raheem we’d be in a good place."

Firstly, the insinuation - once again - from an outsider that Liverpool's 'abuse' of Sterling is racial in nature is absolutely absurd. Liverpool fans boo him in the same way that Spurs fans booed Sol Campbell - because he went to a rival for more money. Simple. As. That.

It was hinted at on social media after the match at the weekend too, and it should immediately be shouted down.

Secondly, Sterling wasn't 'abused', he was the subject of boos from the fans, the same way Milner's every touch was from a club that he gave far more to than Sterling ever gave to us.

Finally, Liverpool fans have absolutely no blame to take for Sterling's petulant reactions during the match. The player is long enough in the tooth now to react like an adult, like other players do, when the crowd are trying to bait them.

Also, Liverpool fans weren't following him around for 24 hours chanting at him prior to him choosing to attack Joe Gomez on England duty.

The defence of Sterling will no doubt continue, because the press are terrified to say a word against him now but it, quite simply, is all at the door of the Man City player. A petulant, childish reaction to losing a match and being nullified by two younger, English players.

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