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  • David Tyrer

Shearer: Liverpool have had a 'freak' season, just like Arsenal 'Invincibles'

As the Reds turned it around at Anfield on Monday night, coming from 2-1 down against West Ham with less than half an hour remaining, it began to seem like they couldn't lose.

In the Premier League, at least. After all, it has now been well over a year and some 44 matches in the league since we tasted defeat.

The records have been stacking up and it's highly likely that we could go the season unbeaten, and possibly even better that record set by Arsenal 16 years ago.

But according to Alan Shearer, it's a freak season, and Liverpool are likely to go unbeaten as that record continues to build.

He told Reuters: "In terms of competition, Liverpool have had a freak season. It would not surprise me at all if they went through the season undefeated just like Arsenal did (in 2003-04).

"Other clubs are in transition in terms of Man City, Tottenham, Chelsea. Leicester have had a brilliant, brilliant season in terms of where they were.

"But I don’t think it’s a negative on the standard of the Premier League at all. It’s just Liverpool have been that good the others have found it difficult to keep up with them."

So there is a bit of room for some praise, at least. Which totally goes against the prevailing narrative for many this season, claiming that the quality of the top league has dropped off.

The former Newcastle star reckons that we've just been the best team by some distance though, and that'll be reflected come the awards season.

He added: "At the end of the year we have the player of the season awards my guess is four, possibly five, of the nominations will come from Liverpool’s team. So that tells you how well Liverpool are doing."

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