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Sean Cox's brother on Man City video: 'If I'm honest, I'm disgusted'

LFC social media was awash with comments and opinions on Tuesday, as a video was doing the rounds of Man City's squad singing the City fan's own version of 'Allez, Allez, Allez'.

Their version of the song alludes to LFC fans being 'battered in the streets', Hillsborough and Mo Salah being injured. So to hear their players singing it was absolutely shocking.

Many local and nationwide journalists initially held off on reporting on it, assuming that the video must be a fake; surely a team of professional footballers wouldn't be so crass?

But towards the evening, Liverpool Echo reporter James Pearce published an article, stating his disappointment and shock at the video. Like many, he hoped that they didn't really know what they were singing.

The club have issued a statement today. In typical Man City fashion there's not an apology in sight. Instead, they deny that the players were singing anything that alluded to Sean Cox or Hillsborough. Stating: "Any suggestion that the lyrics relate to Sean Cox or the Hillsborough tragedy is entirely without foundation."

Not surprising, as it sadly appears that the Manchester club's classlessness stretches from the stands to the backroom.

But Sean Cox's brother, Martin, says that when he heard the song the first thing that came to mind was his brother, Sean. He told Radio City this afternoon: "If I'm honest I'm disgusted. Singing and chanting those words, it's like it gives the impression that it's okay for people to carry out attacks like that on people in the streets.

"It's a matter very close to our hearts and whether they say it's about Sean or not, the first thing I think about is Sean being attacked."

Not only that, but a fan of Man City was attacked as recently as March in Germany, leaving him in awful condition, to the point where he was hospitalised.

Martin continued: "I feel like the players themselves have let their club down and the majority of their fans. Liverpool themselves have only acted in a dignified way since we lost the league last Sunday.

"The first thing our manager did was come out and congratulate Man City and their players. They congratulated City on having such a great season.

"I think they've tarnished themselves now by coming out with songs like that because at the end of the day they are professional footballers and they've only let themselves down and their club down.

"They've also sent out the wrong message. At the end of the day professional footballers are role models to kids and in this day and age every professional footballer will be media trained, so it is surely sending out the wrong message."

One thing that all Liverpool fans and those involved with the club can agree on is that any minuscule good will that may have been left between the two clubs has now evaporated.

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