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  • David Tyrer

Salah wants Champions League 'so, so much'

According to Mo Salah, the 'book is closed' on his incident with Sergio Ramos during last season's Champions League final and he just wants to look to this year's semi-final.

The Egyptian winger was injured (many say on purpose) by Sergio Ramos, who had been targeting Salah for rough challenges in the early stages of the final. Mo was substituted shortly afterwards and the Reds went on to miss out on the trophy.

We've returned to the semi-finals this year again, of course, and Salah is determined to make it count this time around, as we take on Madrid's La Liga counterparts in the first leg tonight.

In an interview with Bleacher Report posted today, Salah talked about this when he said: "I think it still hurts until now, because you didn't win it. You were close to winning the Champions League, and you didn't win it.

"I went to play in the World Cup, it's a dream, but I'm not fit. I'd go to my room, I was almost crying every day.

"Before the first game, when I didn't play, I was in the bus and I was crying on the bus. I went to the bathroom and I was crying in the bathroom.

"Because I wanted to start the game! I want to play! But I know I am not fit at all to play.

"I was in the dressing room, just crying for the whole game. I was crying every day until I played in the World Cup.

"I don’t want to talk about Ramos, that book is closed. I just want it so so much this season."

Salah will spearhead the attack tonight, alongside our other magnificent wide-player Sadio Mane, with - hopefully - Bobby Firmino up front, looking to go one step further this time.

He continued: "The next game against Barcelona. It is something very, very huge to play against Barcelona, semi-final, wow!

"We are the only team now in the semi-final from last season, so that's something very big for us. We've shown how much was are improving."

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