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  • David Tyrer

Salah 'so happy to be back in final' with LFC

After a fantastic personal season last year, the first of what'll hopefully be many for Mo Salah at Anfield ended badly, with an early injury in the Champions League final.

We won't go over old ground again, everybody knows what happened and how, but it also ruined Mo's hopes of starring at a World Cup for his nation as well.

So this year's final will have a great deal more meaning for the Egyptian superstar, as he looks to make amends for what he no doubt feels was a missed opportunity in 2017-18.

Speaking to beIN Sports, he said: "I am so happy that I have the chance to play another final. I hope I can play the full game this time.

"I am very excited for that. I hope we can right what happened last season, get a good result and win the competition.

"This is our second final in a row. We lost the first but everything feels better this time around and we have more experience than last time.

"We are all looking forward and we had a good preparation period in Spain. We are back in Liverpool and we are feeling very motivated as players and coaching staff. I hope we can win it this time.

"We had great preparations in Spain and it was a good time to prepare there. The team is now at the best level physically. So I hope this stop was an advantage for us in the final."

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