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  • David Tyrer

Salah looking forward to being awarded a lot more penalties with VAR

The Liverpool forward has said that he doesn't like VAR but he's expecting to get a lot more penalties because of it this season.

It's likely to unfuriate rival fans by saying it, but it was proven at one point last season that Salah would likely have received more penalties than those he would've had overturned.

But speaking on the subject (via the Liverpool Echo), Salah has said: "I don't like it... that's my answer, always.

"I don't like it.

"I love football how it is. It's like that with the mistakes of the referee, with the aggression from the player sometimes.

"It's okay sometimes to protect the players from dangerous play. But okay, that's it, in my opinion, that could be the only reason that happened, just to protect the players.

"But for me, I accepted the football with the mistakes of the referee, mistakes of the player, I don't know, whatever. That's how the football gets more excited.

"(VAR will mean) More penalties for me, you will see that."

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