• David Tyrer

Salah: Klopp reason for Liverpool's resurgence

Nobody could've seen what Liverpool - almost - achieved last season, even if you'd asked us 'in your wildest dreams.. '.

To reach a Champions League final in Klopp's 2nd full season, Mo Salah's first season and with our (supposed) best player leaving in Philippe Coutinho, is a remarkable achievement.

Similarly, challenging for the title against Manchester City over the last 7 months and, hopefully, right to the end is something nobody predicted at the start of the season either.

So it's shouldn't be a surprise to see one of our most important stars give a lot of the credit for that to his manager. Mo reckons a lot of our 'resurgence' in the last 2 years is down to Jurgen.

Speaking to ESPN, Mo said: "I think he [Klopp] built the team, he made the team now fighting for the Premier League.

"Last season we fight for the Champions League, so I give him more credit.

"He made the game maybe easier for us. He knows how to rotate the positions a lot.

"I play No. 9 sometimes, I play on the wing, I play on the left side. We have a good connection together. We are a front three and we know how to play with each other."

Let's hope that that climb back up to our perch continues on Sunday against Man Utd and we can step back into the top spot that City have kept warm for us on goal-difference lately.

Klopp is a big reason for why LFC have been rising again in the past 2 seasons


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