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  • David Tyrer

Rodgers not happy about LFC injury 'narrative'

It's something that Reds should be familiar with after having been managed by Brendan Rodgers for a few years, but the Leicester boss does love a good excuse.

On the service, it doesn't appear that way after last night's game, but Rodgers' highlighting Liverpool injuries and saying that they're not that bad, is actually him deflecting from his own inadequacies and the way his team just passively lost the game.

Again, that passiveness in a big game is something we should be all too familiar with. Sure, they beat Arsenal and Man City away, but that was when everything fell in Leicester's favour. Last night, when it didn't, he failed to influence the game as a coach or tactician.

It's a theme throughout Rodgers' career as a manager. Make no mistakes, he's a top coach, but he lacks that something to make him stand out at the very top. And, sadly, it's something he often masks by either blaming his own players, or finding a way to excuse it.

After another proper hammering by Jurgen Klopp's Liverpool Rodger's opted to bring up the Reds' injury list, commenting that all teams have injuries, as do his own, and ours aren't as bad as people make out because we still have some world class players.

He said: "Everybody spoke about Liverpool’s injuries.

"I don’t go with that narrative.

"I don’t see it as a depleted back line. I know they are missing Virgil van Dijk, but (Joel) Matip is a top player.

"Fabinho has played there against Chelsea and against top players. Andy Robertson has always played, Alisson is the number one goalkeeper and James Milner wherever he plays he does an incredible job."

So, just for posterity, let's list that list of LFC injuries currently: Virgil Van Dijk, Jordan Henderson, Joe Gomez, Thiago, Trent Alexander-Arnold, Mo Salah and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain.

That's almost an entire first team of world class talent. All of whom would've started yesterday had they been fit. Leicester were missing two first-team players, by contrast.

It isn't a huge issue though, we won. But it's just pretty disingenuous from Rodgers' to downplay our current injury situation which saw us play two midfielders in defence, alongside our third choice centre back.

With a 19 year old in midfield making only his 11th league appearance, whilst we missed probably the third best forward in world football up front. Oh, and Naby Keita got injured on the hour too, so we had to bring on a 19 year old right back.

But don't worry, Reds! Everyone has their injury problems.

On a brighter note, the former LFC manager did have something positive to say post match, as he added: "Their unbeaten home run is an incredible record, and it shows you the power and the strength in depth that they have. They are an outstanding squad of players.

"They are still very strong, have top players, look at the midfield which had players who always play.

"They are an outstanding team, super organised, they play with heart, quality and were the better team."

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