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  • David Tyrer

Robertson responds to Man City digs about Liverpool fans

It's been a theme over the past week or two: Man City players, even those former players, lining up to have their say about our fans and how they're going to cost us the title.

Cast your mind back and their players made similar comments before we played them in the Premier League at Anfield and in the Champions League last year and that didn't work out so well for them.

This week alone, we've heard Ilkay Gundogan and Sterling both have their say. It actually looked a bit embarrassing for them as they'd clearly been briefed to say it.

But Reds' star Andy Robertson has responded to these comments. He said, (via the Liverpool Echo): "It’s about this squad sticking together and forgetting the outside noise as such.

"Everyone connected with football knows the Liverpool fans are desperate for a league title. We can’t hide away from that.

"You can’t say they are like any other fans because they are not. It has been too long without one and they are desperate for it.

"But we need to forget about that and concentrate by doing it on the pitch. The only way we can do that is by sticking together in that changing room and we have done a very good job of that.

"Whether that changes I don’t know, but I would doubt it because we are a close group.

"The fans will start building it up and things like that but that is something we need to block out. We’ve done a great job of that so far and we just need to keep doing that."

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