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  • David Tyrer

Robertson: Liverpool will push til the end for the title

From being in a position to move 9 points clear around a month ago, to now being 1 point behind. It's been a long, hard few weeks for the Reds and it's bizarre to think that we've still lost just once all season.

The last time we lost was to Manchester City at the Etihad Stadium almost 2 months ago. The points that we've dropped have, unfortunately, been in eminently winnable games against Leicester City, West Ham, Man Utd and Everton.

What makes it harder for fans to swallow was that almost all of those games saw Liverpool presented with chances to win them, whether deservedly or not, that weren't taken. Despite sub-par displays in all games.

The Reds though, are now 1 point behind the Champions with 9 games to go. For many, this will work in City's favour, who have a manager well-used to winning from a leading position.

For Liverpool, this will take them back to October last year when we were behind City and had to chase down their lead.

With 9 games remaining, plus Man City going hard for the Champions League and the FA Cup still, along with the title, Liverpool can continue to put pressure on and breathe down City's necks.

And Andy Robbo believes that, with 27 points to play for, Liverpool haven't lost hope and that there will be many twists and turns, with the players refusing to give up and continuing to push.

Speaking following the match to, he said: "Of course, we’re only a point behind City.

"There’s still only a game twist if they drop points, so we’re there to capitalise on that [and] that’s what we’ve got to do. They’ve been good at closing the gap on us and have taken over from us. They’ve been good at piling on the pressure, but now we do that to them and hopefully they feel it because we will push them the whole way.

"We’ll push right to the final whistle and kick against Wolves in the last game of the season. If we fall short, we fall short, if we don’t then great.

"But we’ll fight for everything now and we’ll push them the whole way. If they drop points then we need to be in a position to capitalise on that like they’ve done to us."

Let's also not forget that Guardiola's team has also lost the services of Aymeric Laporte and Fernandinho for a couple more weeks, while John Stones and Kevin De Bruyne limped out of Saturday's match.

There are simply no two ways about it, Liverpool can still win the title from this position and Robertson has no doubts. He said: ".. now we just need to keep pressure on City the whole way."

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