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  • David Tyrer

Robertson: LFC have to bounce back, it wasn't good enough

It's basically what Liverpool fans themselves said after the match last night: the display wasn't good enough, and the players now have an opportunity to 'bounce back'.

But it's still heartening to hear so many senior players come out saying more or less the same thing straight after the match. And Andy Robertson was no different.

He told "It’s a performance that has not been expected for a number of years by the fans and we can only apologise for this performance. It’s up to us to bounce back.

"Up to this point it has still been a fantastic season but today we weren’t at the races, we weren’t the Liverpool that everyone has watched.

"It’s up to us to now get back to that because that’s the only way we’re going to win games and get closer to our targets."

Liverpool's more senior first-teamers will now likely get to sit out the FA Cup fifth round on Tuesday night against Chelsea, meaning they will have another full week until the Premier League kicks off again.

It gives them plenty of time to re-evaluate our position and, as a former Liverpool captain once famously said, 'go again'. This time, hopefully, without any last-minute collapses.




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