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  • David Tyrer

Robertson describes sight of Salah after injury as 'horrible'

As Liverpool's Egyptian star Mo Salah lay poleaxed on the St. James Park turf on Saturday night, the signs were immediately not good ones.

Looking at replays you can see straight away from Salah's face after the collision that it had been a bad contact, and he barely moved after hitting the ground.

His team mate Andy Robertson spoke after the match of what he describes as a 'horrible' sight, seeing Salah laying still. He said: "Horrible. It's not nice because he doesn't stay down easily and he doesn't get stretchered off a lot.

"But I spoke to him in there and he was up to be fair and was awake at least.

"I think it was just concussion or whatever, I'm not a doctor.

"Maybe that knocked us for five minutes but at least we got the win for him."

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