• David Tyrer

Robbo: 'I've loved every minute' of time at Liverpool

You can't imagine it having gone any better for Andy Robertson really, but the left-back has been speaking to Liverpoolfc.com, expressing how much of a good time he's had at Anfield.

The Scottish captain moved to LFC in the summer of 2017 (it was his 2 year anniversary 2 days ago, in fact) and wasn't initially a first-team regular.

It took until Alberto Moreno suffered an injury later on that year for Robertson to really make his mark and he hasn't let up since.

By the time January rolled around the following year, he was having his name sung around Anfield as he hunted down passes deep into Man City's box as we beat the (then unbeaten) future champions 4-3.

Speaking to the club's official website, he said: "It was tough because I was quite fortunate in the four or five years before that as a professional that I hadn’t experienced not being in the team.

"I was always a starter or sometimes on the bench. I was always in touch to play and never really left behind when the squad were going to away games and things like that. That was something that was quite new to me and at the start I probably didn’t deal with it as well as I could have.

"I still came in every day and worked my socks off and stuff, but probably at home my family got it a bit more than they should have. That was a huge learning curve for me.

"Of course, I hope that doesn’t happen again but if it does I’ll be a lot better equipped to deal with it. That’s when the hard hours went in and when you realised the big club you’re playing for and the standard I had to get up to.

"I just tried to work hard, tried to learn the way the coaches wanted me to play. Luckily I got to grips with it. I knew when my chance came I had to try to take it – and luckily I managed that.

"Now I look back on it with happier memories because I know that stood me in good stead. But it could have been a lot different. I’m glad it worked out the way it has."

The Scot has now played over 75 times for the club in two seasons and will no doubt pass 100 this season. But it could've been so different.

He went on: "There has been a lot happening in a relatively short period of time but I’ve loved every minute of it.

"Of course at the start it was a lot tougher, there was still a big learning curve for me at the time to realise the standard I had to get up to and how much I had to improve to play at this level. Luckily, I feel I made that step and I’ve kicked on from there.

"But I still feel I can improve a lot more and that’s what I aim to do season to season. Last season was a big season for me because there was a bit more expectation on me at the start because of the six months I had previously; I feel I managed to deal with that.

"This season there’ll probably be even more. I just look to add to it, keep putting in good performances and keep contributing to the team, like the manager and coaching staff want me to do."


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