• David Tyrer

Robbie Fowler: Liverpool need to strengthen at left back

If it hasn't been made clear since Alberto Moreno's loss of form a few years ago, and his eventual exit, Liverpool are in dire need of a back-up left back. And a viable one.

James Milner is more than capable of doing a solid job, he showed enough during Klopp's first season and his performance against Barcelona there in the second half last year showed.

But his injury early on in the derby and Joe Gomez's subsequent spell in the second half showed that the club are in desperate need of reinforcement there during the summer transfer window.

It's view that has been echoed by club legend Robbie Fowler as well. Speaking to the Premier League Productions, he said: "I think there’s obviously going to be a little bit of talk about Mo Salah again, there’s going to be talk about Sadio Mane, good players are always going to be linked with top European clubs.

"For a player to come into this team is going to be hard to make them any better because they are a really good side.

"Where I’d like to see them build, you think of the game against against Everton where they struggled on the left-hand side, James Milner will never, ever let you down, but coming into that left-back position if Andy Robertson does get injured again, or has a little bit of a dip in form, I think they need someone to cover Andy Robertson, just to strengthen the squad, certainly in that area."


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