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  • David Tyrer

Richard Keys: 'Liverpool have not won the title'

All the opinions that we've heard in recent days, regarding what should happen if football doesn't recommence in the next couple of months, has revolved around the title.

Where does it go? Who gets it? Should the season just be cancelled? Of course, the last question is the most controversial one, and one parroted by those with vested interests.

So it was no surprise to see the likes of West Ham and Man City talking up the idea that the season just be deemed void, if the season can't start back up again.

For most, though, Liverpool should be given the title, simply for the fact that we're so many points clear of our nearest rivals. No other club in Europe has that sort of lead.

But leave it to Richard Keys to go one better and outright attack Liverpool fans. Despite the fact that his opinions are usually contrary to anything that might benefit the club.

He said: "Of course it looks as though they're going to win the title. But they haven't won it. Who knows? Their form in recent games has been sobering for their fans.

"They've been poor. Very, very poor. Have Klopp's infamous demands of his players caught up with them again - as they have in previous seasons?"

Our poor form 'of late' has included a two-legged defeat to Atletico Madrid, despite largely outplaying them for 120 minutes, we lost after that fateful Adrian error.

Plus, we lost a fairly even FA Cup tie, using a mixed team, to Chelsea and lost to Watford in the Premier League; undoubtedly our worst display in years.

But the idea that our form has been poor of late is a joke. Liverpool are the strongest team in Europe, end of story. A few defeats over a month doesn't mean we were about to bottle a 25-point lead.

He presses on, though: "No. Liverpool can not be handed a title they haven't won. Nor can Celtic. Nor can Barcelona or Juventus. It's tough - if like my team you've worked hard all season to put yourself in a position to achieve something - but it's only fair on the majority.

"I'm sorry Liverpool - if you take a title you haven't won it will forever be tainted. It will always be the 'title you didn't win'. And the same goes for Celtic, Barca, Juve.

"Let's hope things settle down, but please, while there are many many more important things to worry about, let's stop the fanciful nonsense. Liverpool have not won the title."

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