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  • David Tyrer

Reus: Klopp puts you under his spell

He's not bloody wrong, is he! We've all found ourselves falling under the spell of Jurgen Norbert Klopp on Merseyside over the past three and a half years. Apart from the handful of blue noses, of course.

But former Klopp star, Marco Reus, has spoken about what it was like being with, and speaking with Jurgen and how, apparently, he draws you under 'his spell'.

The Borussia Dortmund skipper was speaking to Goal & DAZN, and he told them: "Oh my god, Jurgen was such an animal! You only knew somebody like him from TV.

"He pulls you under his spell and will not let you go. I left the conversation with a fluttering heart.

"He was definitely one of the reasons why I signed for Dortmund.

"If Jurgen sits in front of you with his aura, with his aggressiveness, which he radiates even when speaking, with his size, then that is quite impressive. Even the way he talks to you - this is rarely the case in professional business."

On the subject of how Klopp develops and betters those players under him, Reus went on: "Jurgen can develop players and make them better. That is a very important factor. He has a special way, in training and personal interaction.

"Before a season you can plan a lot. But so many unforeseen things can happen, such as a system change or injuries, so things can happen completely different.

"When a club wants to sign a player, it's important that the coach teaches the player the philosophy and what he's up to. That was not different with me.

"Shinji Kagawa signed for Manchester United that year, I was the substitute. We talked about what position he sees me in and in which areas I can improve myself."

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