• David Tyrer

Reports: Liverpool 'interfered' with Man Utd negotiations for Bruno Fernandes

Those reports overnight came from the Italian reporter Pietro Balzano Prota, who works for Radio Rossonera, and has claimed that the Reds could sneak ahead of Utd.

Liverpool had been linked with the 24-year old Portugal international since mid-way through the season, after Fernandes was in the midst of an incredible goal-scoring season.

But it appeared that the club weren't planning to make any big money signings, seeing Man Utd jump to the head of the queue. All indications were that they were the most likely to sign him.

However, Prota posted a Tweet last night that put a bit of a spanner in the works. He said: "Two teams are now contesting for #BrunoFernandes.

"#ManUtd were really close to sealing the deal but now #Liverpool have interfered the negotiations.

"The player has been dreaming about the PL since childhood. Who will be the winner?"

A large portion of Liverpool fans, not surprisingly, have taken this as an indication that we're more likely to now sign the player so expect huge disappointment when it doesn't quite come off.

According to Prota, who has apparently been following the 'saga' for the outlet, our interest has been reignited and the player could be available for around £62 million this summer.


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