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  • David Tyrer

Report: Klopp and Liverpool have no interest in Harry Kane

Some good news at last! At least, that is, unless you're a fan of the Spurs and England captain, as a move for the forward was ruled out in the the Evening Standard.

According to a piece written for the publication's website, looking at which of Europe's top clubs would be willing to make a move for Kane, Liverpool was ruled out. In a big way.

The section referring to Liverpool read: "It is often said that the Reds are missing a trick in not having someone as prolific as the Tottenham forward playing alongside Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane, who already get plenty of goals themselves.

"Crucially, though, Jurgen Klopp does not agree, and that is why Kane won't end up at Anfield any time soon.

"The fact is, an out-and-out centre-forward like Kane would only disrupt the balance of a front three that finds the back of the net regularly enough to win major titles, as has been proven over the past two seasons.

"And Liverpool aren't in the business of splashing out huge transfer fees - the sort that would be required to sign the Spurs man - for players who do not immediately and obviously improve them."

No doubt about it, Kane is a prolific centre forward, scoring a huge amount of goals in the last 4-5 seasons. But he is an 'old-school' striker. Who relies heavily on a lot of support and whilst he can 'lead from the front', he can be easily nullified.

Compared to somebody like Roberto Firmino or Luis Suarez, and he looks positively static. He simply doesn't do enough work and his whole game is centred upon scoring goals. As good as he may be at that, Liverpool simply can't accommodate that sort of striker.

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