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  • David Tyrer

Remembering the day Hodgson sold the wrong Liverpool player

It's always good, at this time of year, when Liverpool play Crystal Palace to remember the misery that was our time as Roy Hodgson's club.

It's a disgusting memory, leaving you wondering how such a low-tier manager could've ended up as our manager but it was a generally bad time for the club during those years.

As a fan of LFC, you'll no doubt have your own horror stories and bad individual memories from that time, but few top the ineptitude of the time that Hodgson sold the wrong player.

After joining the club, Hodgson went out of his way to surround himself with mediocrity, no doubt to make himself feel at home. Buying players like Christian Poulsen, Brad Jones, Milan Jovanovic and Paul Konchesky, he was determined to lower our expectations.

But it was in the signing of Konchesky from his old side that he produced his 'finest' moment, when he sold 'the wrong Alex'.

We'll leave it to the player in question to describe in all it's glory (via the Liverpool Echo): "It was a bit difficult for Liverpool to replace me, but when I was in Fulham and before I signed up, I had a conversation with Roy Hodgson on the phone, where we found out that he had chosen the wrong Alex.

"In his head, he thought he had sold another Alex for Konchesky. But then it was too late. It's a little fun!

"Then he just told me I was welcome back in Liverpool with open arms, but that I could do what I felt.

"By then I had already made my mind up and was very excited about coming to Fulham."

The former Fulham player then goes on to explain how the former England manager was not a good thing for the young players during his time at the club. Which doesn't come as a surprise.

Liverpool take on Hodgson's Crystal Palace today at Selhurst Park as the Reds looks to extend their lead at the top of the Premier League ahead of Man City playing Chelsea later on tonight.




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