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  • David Tyrer

Remember Bobby Duncan? He's been talking Liverpool again

You may remember Bobby Duncan, you know, he's famous for being Steven Gerrard's cousin and signing for Liverpool from Man City.

He went on to score in the FA Youth Cup final last season, being one of the club's young stars of that particular run.

But something strange happened over the summer, whilst he was included in a few senior squads. He started to think he should be in the first team squad.

Not long into the new season, he decided to allow his agent to start accusing Liverpool of treating him like a slave, not caring about his mental health and was also bizarrely calling out Michael Edwards to bullying.

Liverpool quickly gave in and let the player move on to Fiorentina. Where he has played precisely as much for the senior side as he did at Liverpool. The only difference being that Liverpool are playing at a much higher level than the Serie A side at the moment.

And now, speaking to, Duncan has chosen to remind fans of both clubs that he's still about. He said: "It was a difficult decision to be honest.

"I was in a difficult moment at that time.

"Something was missing. It wasn't over money. It wasn't over anything else other than I want to play first team football soon.

"Liverpool has Mohamed Salah, Roberto Firmino, Sadio Mane, Rhian Brewster. That front three is the best front three in the world. It was hard to knock them down.

"In my mind, I thought I would go and play abroad. Serie A is just below the Premier League. I wanted to make a name for myself, show the Liverpool and Fiorentina fans who I am."

At 17, not 'seeing a path forward' at his boyhood club. You've got to admit, even for a kid, that's utter nonsense. With the likes of Trent Alexander-Arnold, Joe Gomez being first-team regulars now and other youngsters getting playing time too, he's very, very wrong.

You can understand where he's coming from in not seeing an immediate way into the first team but unless he's a young Messi (which he certainly isn't), he shouldn't even be thinking of the first-team at this stage.

But he won't realise how badly he's been advised until it's too late. And sadly, his career may have stalled irrevocably by then.

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