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  • David Tyrer

Real Madrid want Firmino (they may as well just buy our squad)

Reports today are telling us that Real Madrid are now interested in signing Roberto Firmino. Those reports come via

The Italian outlet are saying that Madrid see Bobby as a replacement for Karim Benzema, which is just about the most nonsensical thing we've ever heard.

The reason for this? Benzema has only 18 months left on his current contract and will likely be too old for them by the time it runs out.

Firmino has 74 goals and 56 assists across just over 220 games for Liverpool and has certainly found his niche as a pressing forward under Jurgen Klopp. Quite whether he'd be as effective in a team like Real is another question altogether.

Of even more interest is how much they'd value him, because the Madrid giants are not what they used to be and with Bobby's estimated value of around £100 million+ it's unlikely they'd actually be able to afford him without offloading a few players.

But considering the sheer amount of Liverpool players they've been linked with in the last 12 months, you wonder why they don't just take out a loan and buy our entire squad.

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