• David Tyrer

Rafa's reaction to beating Man City

Not a single Liverpool fan genuinely expected Newcastle to get any sort of result against Man City last night. At most, we hoped they'd make them work for it.

At worst, we feared an absolute hammering and a big boost to City's confidence ahead of a jam-packed period for them.

Many of us knew that Rafa was capable of pulling off miracles (see Istanbul and breaking up the Real-Barca dominance in Spain) but beating Man City, particularly after going a goal down in 24 seconds, surely ranks right up there.

But, of course, being the ultimate classy diplomat he is Rafa only allowed himself a wry smile as he said to the press: "Obviously I am close to Liverpool Football Club, but at the moment, I am really pleased because Newcastle United won, that is the main thing.

"If it's good for them, fine, but I don't want to disrespect the Manchester City fans or the club."

Despite his reticence, Rafa will have allowed himself a grin twice as wide, knowing he could've given us a massive boost should we go on to get all 3 points tonight.

Rafa Benitez was predictably diplomatic after Newcastle beat Man City


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