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  • David Tyrer

PSG president dismisses Mbappe rumours

A rumour started slowly and ramped up into near-mania over the weekend, as social media activity from Kylian Mbappe led to claims that the French star was heading to Anfield.

Paul Joyce liked a post, Mbappe posted cryptic messages and James Pearce failed to quash the rumours immediately.

The result was a weekend filled with people giving their thoughts and feelings on how the player would fit in at Anfield, where he'd play and just a general sense of unreality as to how we'd reached this stage, after losing 6-1 away to Stoke City barely 4 years ago.

To anybody with any sense, it was just a rumour. Liverpool weren't really going to pay that sort of money for a player, were they? Of course they weren't.

Today, the president of PSG has moved to quash rumours that the player may be leaving the club, so it was all for nothing!

He told France Football: "Will he still be at PSG next year? I am not 100 per cent sure, but 200 per cent!

"I will not let go of this player."

Mbappe is generally regarded as the successor to Messi and Ronaldo, as the greatest player in the world, at the age of just 20, he has already become of the most expensive players in football history and scored 90 senior career goals so far.

But the World Cup winner is going nowhere this summer, according to the PSG president. He continued: "I want players willing to give everything to defend the honour of the jersey and to join the club project.

"Those who do not want, or do not understand, we see each other and we talk to each other.

"There are of course contracts to be respected but the priority now is total membership of our project.

"Nobody forced him to sign here. Nobody pushed him. He came knowingly to join a project."

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